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Paul K: Aftermath (music video)

still frames of paul k music video by matt frantz

Video filmed and edited by Matt Frantz (with public archive footage)

This video won “best narrative” category in the Lexington Film League’s 2010 Music Video Showcase. This song, Aftermath, is from the Paul K release A Wilderness of Mirrors. Lyrics: Oh, in the aftermath, we started feeling bad-We lost the house and land, and everything we had-First the pigs and cows, overnight it seems-My fever was my friend, my sick waking dream-We couldn’t work ‘er right, started to drink and fight-And then the lumps appeared, on our arms and ears-I lashed out at God, told him he did me wrong-He said, “you’re just a tyke, I’ll show you what it’s like, you think you’ve had it rough, you think your life is tough, well, I’ve given you a gift, until you’re cold and stiff, you’re going to feel my love” © Paul K.

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