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Beautiful Confinement

Mixed media photo transfer art by Matt Frantz

16×20 inches. Photo transfer mixed media image with acrylic and colored pencil on gessoed board.

Bombshell Fire Dancers Show Reel Video

Still frames from Bombshell Fire video by Matt Frantz

Bombshell Fire Entertainment show reel

Video filmed and edited for Bombshell Fire Entertainment by Matt Frantz with the audio track “Psychedelic Stereo” by MiMosa

In the Outskirts of God’s Country by Greg Mahan (music video)

Music video still images by Matt Frantz

In the Outskirts of God's Country (music video).

Song by singer/songwriter Greg Mahan Filmed and edited by Matt Frantz.
Additional credits: Ted Wilburn-Drums, Brian Lovely-Producer, Engineer, Bass, Paul Patterson-Violin, Charlie Roth-Bagpipe samples.


When You Read This I’ll Be Gone – Paul K Music Video

still images from paul k and the weathermen music video

Paul K and The Weathermen "When You Read This" from the Achilles Heel album. Filmed and edited by Matt Frantz.


“Hungry” by Cabinet of Curiosities (music video)

still images from cabinet of curiosities music video

Cabinet of Curiosities music video

Music by Cabinet of Curiosities (Evelyne Bennu, Trey Brinkley) Visit the Cabinet of Curiosities myspace page Filmed in Hollywood and Pasadena, California by Matt Frantz, Lara McLaughlin, Matt Kirkpatrick, and Leah Eropkin. Editing by Matt Frantz and Lara McLaughlin with production assistance by Matt Kirkpatrick.

Miles and miles of murky road,
in the cold,
yet they lead you far away,
from your head,
in flimsy dreams of exhaust,
you’re so lost,
what you want, you cannot say,
only weep.

Never-ending appetite,
in your deepest misery.

It would be nice to be other,
than the norm,
to have the skills to stand out,
in the crowd,
they never teach you perfection,
bring you down,
they stifle your identity,
keep you dull.

To be small is not a crime,
you’re extraordinary,
put away your rage and fear,
and be.

In your tiny universe,
so perverse,
you have broken your own rules,
and it hurts,
now it’s time to face yourself,
and be free,
what matters is in your heart,
don’t look back.

To be small is not a crime,
you’re extraordinary,
put away your rage and fear,
and be.

now it’s time to face yourself,
and be free,
what matters is in your heart,
don’t look back,
don’t look back.

Music and lyrics © Cabinet of Curiosities. All rights reserved.

Paul K: Aftermath (music video)

still frames of paul k music video by matt frantz

Video filmed and edited by Matt Frantz (with public archive footage)

This video won “best narrative” category in the Lexington Film League’s 2010 Music Video Showcase. This song, Aftermath, is from the Paul K release A Wilderness of Mirrors. Lyrics: Oh, in the aftermath, we started feeling bad-We lost the house and land, and everything we had-First the pigs and cows, overnight it seems-My fever was my friend, my sick waking dream-We couldn’t work ‘er right, started to drink and fight-And then the lumps appeared, on our arms and ears-I lashed out at God, told him he did me wrong-He said, “you’re just a tyke, I’ll show you what it’s like, you think you’ve had it rough, you think your life is tough, well, I’ve given you a gift, until you’re cold and stiff, you’re going to feel my love” © Paul K.

As in the Wilderness (music video)

As in the Wilderness

Song © Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks
Harp, cello and vocals by Joy Shannon
Percussion by Nathan Popejoy
Guitar by Matt Pogue
Set, makeup, costume design and direction by Joy Shannon
Filmed in 2007 by Matt Frantz
Hair by Aubrey Lescault

A Vague Memory of Traveling at Night

Video, sound, words by Matt Frantz. Filmed in San Clemente, CA. © 2006.

I have a vague memory of traveling at night. I was searching for place that I had been before, but I couldn’t remember why. There was a mist that surrounded the lights. The glow drifted towards the sky, until gravity would softly pull it beneath the ground. I had lost all sense of time, I had lost all sense of time. I have a vague memory of a dream. My eyes were closed and my body was motionless.

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